Disabled Activists for Dignity in Dying (DADID)


Join DADID“A 2015 Populus poll found that 86% of people with a disability support the Assisted Dying Bill. [1] This is a 6% increase on a similar YouGov poll of disabled people conducted in 2013.”


DADID is a campaign group for disabled people, led by disabled people. People who recognise the lack of choice available to the terminally ill under the current law.  Working in partnership with Dignity in Dying, we support a change in the law to allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults the choice of an assisted death within upfront safeguards. Whether disabled or non-disabled, the choice and control we value in life should apply equally when we die.

We aim to highlight the suffering being experienced by some dying people at present; inform other disabled people of how they can help change the law; and explain why assisted dying for terminally ill people won’t result in negative effects for disabled people or to society’s view of disabled people in modern day Britain.


“It is time for disability rights campaigning groups to shift to a neutral stance on the issue of assisted dying”


We believe that the organisations representing disabled people should reflect the views of all disabled people, both those who support and oppose change. At present they only oppose change – giving no voice to those of us who support change.

A recent survey, which asked the opinions of 1,036 disabled people, found that:

  • 46% believed disability rights groups should remain neutral on the issue of assisted dying
  • 36% believed disability rights groups should support assisted dying
  • 8% believed disability rights groups should oppose assisted dying


[1] The Populus poll is available to download here (PDF)